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About Sex Redefined

Sex Redefined is a video web series exploring and amplifying the lived sexual experiences of diverse communities.

Historically, and currently, the media promotes a singular example of pleasure and who is deserving of it. The lack of representation only solidifies the messaging that pleasure is an unattainable privilege for everyone else. This series holds space for specific communities to speak openly about their shared experiences and discuss how they’re working toward living a more pleasurable, expansive future.

This series of in-depth conversations switches the narrative by allowing folks the space to define what sex and pleasure means to them.


Janielle Bryan

Janielle Bryan is the creator, host, and co-producer of the series Sex Redefined. With her extensive background in public health, she has spent the last decade bringing comprehensive sex education to the public. While her public health work spans multiple disciplines, all of it addresses health justice. Her belief is that health education shouldn't be siloed to the classroom.


From curated events to street art, Janielle brings health and wellness directly to communities. Bryan focuses on pleasure as a means of political change and a positive force toward social equity. She has won awards such as The Leeway Arts & Change grant and the Awesome Foundation grant for her continued work in public health. Some of her features includes Cosmo, Ask Men, Men's Health and WHYY.

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